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What PyJuice Aims to Achieve

Welcome to PyJuice!

My hope is that this site becomes the launching point for many great Python based adventures to come. A primary goal of PyJuice is to give readers a plethora of Python tutorials, guides, and projects to follow along with. Everything should be digestible with clear code and processes. I personally want all skill sets to grow here, but especially the first time programmer and average hobbyist. Python offers so many new and exciting ways to interacted with the technology around us. However most people have yet to discover the summit of code an automation.

Automation is the bread and butter of what makes Python so intriguing to many. PyJuice aims to teach and help readers to grow in the wonderful hobby of programming and automating their life. From setting up the bare minimum programs to incorporating full API’s and multiple Modules.

Although this site is still in its infancy, I hope that you stick around for the ride.

The aim is to make this into a place where we can all discover, learn, and grow together.

~ Tyler

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